Alaskan Ice

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70% Indica / 30% Sativa Genetics: White Widow x Haze Flowering: 60-65 days Harvest: October Yield: 800 gr/m2 Alaskan Ice is an indica dominant hybrid bred by the GreenHouse Seed Company by crossing a White Widow plant with a Haze from the American West Coast. The result is a rather well balanced strain. It retains White Widow’s tendency to be on a shorter side as well as having extremely sticky resinated flowers. From the Haze side, Mexican, Thai, and Columbian genetics contribute to this strain’s smell, taste, and the euphoric high. While this plant can thrive in both outdoor and indoor environments, different techniques are recommended for each. Gardeners growing this plant indoors have had better success with a screen of green (SCROG) rather than a sea of green (SOG) setup. Outdoors, she can grow to an impressive height of up to 9 feet, and should be given plenty of room to accommodate this growth. Alaskan Ice is a very branchy plant and requires quite a bit of management like pruning in order to focus all of it’s energy on the top flowers. Most growers thin out their Alaskan Ice plants before switching to flowering in order to both accomodate air flow as well. Known to have very high THC levels, Alaskan Ice might be a little too strong for beginner smokers. On the other hand, users with a higher tolerance will enjoy the intense, euphoric buzz.




Epilepsy, Stress And Pains

Also Best For Recreational Use.

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